Essay on The Stylus System Of Micro Cmm

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The stylus system that is categorised in this group is the stylus system of micro CMM, which has a similar design with the conventional CMM probing system. As described in ISO 10360-1, the stylus system has a spherical stylus tip, a rod stylus shaft and a sensing element. These styluses also operate in contact mode.
(1.1 until 1.5 have been discussed in progress report 2)
1.1 UMAP Mitutoyo Stylus (1993-1999) Figure 2.1: construction of UMAP stylus system Mitutoyo UMAP stylus system was first developed by a group of researchers in 1993 to 1999 at University of Tokyo, Japan [1]. After that, this research has been continued by the Mitutoyo Research Centre Europe and was commercialised by the Mitutoyo Company [2]. There are three models of stylus system which are UMAP 103, UMAP 110 and UMAP 130. UMAP 103 consists of the smallest diameter of sphere stylus tip, which is 30 µm, a stylus shaft of 20 µm in diameter and 3 mm in length. On the other hand, UMAP 110 consists of a stylus sphere tip diameter of 100 µm, with stylus shaft diameter of 80µm and stylus length of 10mm. While UMAP 130 consists of a stylus sphere tip of 300 µm, stylus shaft diameter of 200 µm and stylus length of 10 mm. Figure 1 shows the construction and component of the stylus system. This stylus system was initially developed for the profile measurement of the ink jet and fuel injection nozzles. For this intention, it was designed to have a long and thin stylus which can access a microhole…

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