The Style Of Culture, Structural Poverty, And Cultural Change

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The Style of Culture and its Misconceptions

When talking about Culture, Structural Poverty, and Cultural Change you may ask yourself if I am attributing intentionality to the way we see the problem that’s growing in today’s society. First, I am going to briefly examine the arguments behind the cause of all three topics. So the outcome isn’t weather I agree or disagree it’s about the interpretation and understanding of the problems but how I can best show the relationships of these topics and truly understand that poverty may be the underlining cause of why there is still failure in our society. I will shed light on how race, racism, and capitalism the most throughout the argument of this essay. How can we recognize and define the class
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Some may disagree and believe that it because of ethnic groups and their culture that structural poverty is a failure that has increased. I am going to be bias and say that Structural Poverty will never fade the way society would like it to because to eliminate structural Poverty would clearly create an economic downfall. Culture has nothing to do with the structural of poverty around the world, it has to do with the economic system and how that plays into the way people perceive others cultures. According to a reading we did we did in class “What are the roots of poverty in the United states?” Eleanor Burke Leacock (1971) stated a strong statement that’s still lives on today about “Jobs, Inadequate education, and poor health care the systematic failure to …show more content…
I feel we shouldn’t be resistance to change but not to lose sight of why society needs cultural chances and the integration of cultural traits. Here are some questions the reader should ask themselves. How were you raised? What was your behavioral norm? Your attitudes, values and aspirations? Did your parents really have choice to pick where they wanted to live due to their income and the affordability to live a semi comfortable life-style or was the decision already made due to the economic structure in society? Was the community, neighborhood, friends, and associates play a role in your life? For some people will say they didn’t have a choice nor did they want to live in slums but since public policy making already reconstructed the concept of which the society they live in. If it is unaffordable then those groups don’t have a choice on where they can live even if It’s not a safe neighbor, they’re not getting the best education, fast food restaurants are built so at least those groups can eat. The way we are all tricked into believing that for some groups and how they live is a choice but my belief is that it isn’t a choice. Why would anyone want to live in such poor conditions if they had a choice? There is a book called “Racism without being Racists” and how certain groups can in their minds because of the

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