The Struggle Over Women Suffrage Essay

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Dudden, Faye E. Fighting Chance: The Struggle over Women Suffrage and Black Suffrage in Reconstruction America. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014.

1. Thesis: Dudden argues the feminists of the Reconstruction Era saw an opening for women 's suffrage when coming abolition of slavery and black suffrage. Dudden 's book is the tale of black and women suffrage movements finding ways to coexist and ultimately fighting against one and other.

2. Themes: 1. The first theme of the book is teamwork; the main team being Anthony and Stanton. Dudden places a lot of emphasis on how the few key players she uses team up, for and against each other, under the guises of political movement groups. Dudden shows how alliances could break or make a movement. Who you were allied with could make all the difference.

2. The second theme of the book is transformation. The book analyzes and describes how the key players of the story evolve from friends and allies to enemies. It shows how power and money can transform someone from an ally to a self-centered enemy- (i.e. Phillip 's and his control of the Hovey Fund).

3. Evidentiary Base: Dudden uses a combination of Manuscript and Archival sources and published printing as her primary sources. She relied on the primary sources of the key players in this story, such as the Blackwell Family papers, the Wendell Phillips papers, and the Frederick Douglass autobiography, and I believe that helped to give her text more authenticity. 4.…

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