The Awakening Argumentative Essay

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Loydy S. Massene
Oct. 23/2017 Topic 1 In the book, The Awakening by Kate Chopin, she demonstrates the struggle of women in the old times and how women were very domrit and how the women didn’t take some opportunities that were out there for them . She may have been a woman in her time to break the traditional view of woman ,through her actions however she showed much of a pathetic character. The traditional women that men look for is someone who idolizes their significant other, is a motherly person and won’t go against their husbands wishes. Many of those women in that time period just went along with whatever their husbands said and didn’t argue back.Many men treat their others as possessions and great items that could be owned, in Leonce’s word it was more of “Household Gods”. Edna however could not stand for it any longer and started to astray from her family,
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The one thing that she couldn’t have was a man named Robert who she grew an interest in. She was positive that she was made anew and was not showing any signs of turning back. She started to anagnorisis her situation that she was in and then because there was no turning back she went further with it. “She had resolved never to take another step backward” (Chopin, 57). Edna felt so much better about herself that she actually started not caring what people think or what her father thinks about her. Her husband has had enough of her being selfish and not caring for her own kids that need a mother.” Then in God’s name paint ! but don’t let the family go to the devil”(Chopin, 57). Leonce just wanted her to act like a mother to her children she was their mother after all, and they needed their mother. As much as the children needed their mom to be a mom Leonce needed his wife to actually be his wife. Since Leonce was a traditional man he never expected for the change in Edna’s

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