Demian Women In The Awakening

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In a hero’s journey Campbell shows women as more of an object or prize to b won. He portrays them as just sexual objects meant to satisfy men and reproduce. In Demian women are shown similarly but not the same. In this story women do not play a role until them in because the story follows a young boy name Emil Sinclair, through his journey in school trying to decide who he is. He is bullied and a new, older kid named Max Demian comes to his rescue and they become close friends. They eventually separate when Sinclair gets new friends but doesn’t connect with them well as they all go to visit women and Sinclair doesn’t go. His reasoning is that he wants to make a connection with a woman on a stronger level than just sex. He eventually sees a …show more content…
It is then that Demian explains that when Sinclair needs help he will no longer call for him since he will live inside him. Demian gives him a kiss on the lips and says it’s from Frau Eva and vanishes into the darkness. In this story, Campbell hints at women being objects but comes to the conclusion that they are more as the woman in this story saves the protagonists.

In the book, The Awakening, the women are very objectified. Through the story a woman named Edna struggles to find her place in life as she gets tired of just being an object to her husband and kids. When the book first starts, Edna is a regular house wife who does the cooking, cleaning, and caring for her husband, physically and mentally, and children. Edna once lived a very carefree life but now she’s married to a man name Leonce. He’s a doctor and since he is so busy and often isn’t home, she tends to be with Adele who is her best friend. Leonce has this idea of a perfect domesticated house hold where the man is to care for the household, while the woman is to stay home and tend to the house needs. She and her best friend, who is creole, believe that they have a right to live carefree lives and do what they want. They and their children take a trip to grand isle where Edna meets a man named

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