Struggle In Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain

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following their masters, as mentioned in the bible. Struggle was a continued subject following a North Carolina novel based in the times of the Civil War. In Charles Frazier’s “Cold Mountain”, there is a dual focus on the characters Inman, as he travels back to Cold Mountain, and Ada, as she starts her life with Ruby. The main struggles within this novel are Inman’s journey back home, his morals regarding others on his journey, and Ada’s struggle to live life without her father. One quote in particular that Inman remembers from Ada’s father’s sermons is, “that which shows God in me, fortifies me. That which shows God out of me, makes me a ward and a wen. There is no longer a necessary reason for my being. Already the shadows of untimely …show more content…
These struggles include her childhood as an outcast, her problems with her first husband Travis Word, difficulties with her second husband Randy Newhouse, and finally, the endeavor of returning to Scrabble Creek. During the first section of the book, “Scrabble Creek”, Grace was the daughter of Virgil Shepherd, a snake handling preacher. To Florida Grace, this seemed to be a curse and she wished to never become one of the anointed, especially after seeing her mother handle fire (LS 24-26). When Grace finally found a friend outside of the congregation, which were few and far between even in the church setting, she worked towards not letting Marie know of her family life. Marie invited Grace to her house and, once finally allowed, went as often as possible. Then, the friendship disappeared after Marie and her artist mother showed up to the little house in Scrabble Creek one day, unexpected. At the time of the unexpected visit, all that Grace had worked so hard to keep from her friend had been revealed, especially due to a fight that had ensued between Grace’s brother and father (LS 41-65). Afterwards, her supposed half-brother, Lamar, appears before the family and only reveals his relation to Grace and her sister. Soon, Grace began a sexual relationship with the boy but only struggles with the sin behind the acts at the beginning of the relationship, when she told Lamar to quit touching her. As time passed though, she found herself wanting more and would once attempt to go to his room when her mother was home. Upon reaching his room, she was rejected. Her thoughts regarding the sin of her actions as a child can be seen in the line stating, “except for that first time, when he followed me out to the barn at no time during that spring did I ever feel like I was a sinner girl, which I was, not even when we went to the meeting” (LS

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