Essay on The Struggle Between The East And The West

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Roger Crowley’s novel, 1453, is a narrative that lays the groundwork for the Battle of Constantinople. The collapse of the Persian Empire and the schism between the East and the West are also encompassed in this book. The fall of Constantinople signaled a shift in history and the end of the Byzantine Empire. Crowley’s comprehensive account of the battle between Mehmet II, the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, and Constantine XI, Byzantium’s emperor, illuminates the period in history that was the foundation for the present-day struggle between the Middle East and the West. Crowley does a great job of using historical sources to bring the characters to life. Crowley goes into great detail and supplies his readers with many facts about the siege and, where the facts are unclear, he gives the readers the opposing stories and let’s them decide. Crowley sticks to the necessities of this battle. In the first few chapters of 1453, the reader is given an understanding of the origins for the rivalry between the Ottoman and Byzantine empires and the conflicts that led up to the events of 1453. For the remainder of the book, Crowley discusses the fifty-three days that the Byzantines spent facing the Ottomans over the Theodosian Wall. By focusing so much on the siege, Crowley is able to portray events in vivid, and at times unforgettable, detail. Throughout the book, Crowley seemed to sympathize with the Ottomans. He’s selective about which aspects he includes from his…

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