The Structure Of The Glass Ceiling Essay

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As we approach the millennium, the structure of the workforce composition has been steadily flourishing. In this era, most people will think that the promotional and also hiring processes in the workplace have become fair and also impartial due to the existing laws that discourage discrimination in the processes. However, there still exist several impediments for a few individuals. The glass ceiling is a subtle framework that most organizations and employers have utilized in legally discriminating against particular groups of people. Several women and minorities have encountered challenges in advancing to higher positions in their careers due to the concept of the glass ceiling (Horn, and Schaffner, 2003).
Several historical customs such as the role of women in the society have continued to hinder the success of female individuals in various societies globally. Due to these customs, the glass ceiling has been created above females in their places of work. This is a serious impediment that exists within businesses that have prevented highly qualified and learned women and people from other minority groups from reaching their potential in leadership positions in various corporations. According to Murray (2010), 69% of women against 74% of men are seen to have the desire of advancing in their organization. Women will not advance in the career because they do not want the role because they prioritize their family over the work.
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