Essay on The Structure Of The American Family

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The structure of the American family is changing. A heterosexual married couple with children had been considered the norm since the early 20th century (Why the nuclear family has to die, 2012) , but that is no longer the standard. As with any changing institution, there are those that look upon these changes as positive things; that these changes strengthen the family unit. There are also, however, those that think that any deviation from the formula of a Nuclear Family is change for the worse, and it will lessen what it means to be family. We will be looking at the changes the concept of family is going through, and we will see that the changes taking place within the American family will prove to be positive, and they will strengthen the family unit and American society. The term “Nuclear Family” first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1925, and referred to a family made up of a mother, a father, and children (Why the nuclear family has to die, 2012). The term gained popularity through the 1930’s and 1940’s and came to be looked upon as the American standard. The implication within the Nuclear Family held very distinct gender roles: dad worked while mom stayed at home with the children (Gender and family, 2014). Since that time, however, the family unit has changed. Roles are changing, society is changing, and the norm is not what it once was. Nuclear Family is not longer an adequate term to describe what makes up a family. As recent as 1970, more…

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