The Structure Of Society And The Way People Function Essay

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The structure of society and the way people function is established on cultural and social norms; from the way a person lives on the micro level to how a nation runs on a macro level. Historians have documented many perfect examples of this idea. For example, Rosa Parks in 1955, was the racial activist that stood up against cultural norms. An example of the present day could be found in the documentary Gifted Hands written by John Pielmeier. He gives tribute to Ben Carson, an African-American male, born into poverty. He refused being told by society what his life would entail. Carson faced racism, stereotypes, and violence to become a profound neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Through Gifted Hands, we see how Carson overcome social and cultural norms within his society. The film relays how social and cultural norms affected Carson’s life from an early age. He lived with his uneducated single mother in a run down area. He also attended a school that was dominated by the African-American population. Due to cultural norms, people expected nothing from him. Society distinguished that because he didn’t acquire wealth, and wasn’t white that he would be unable to achieve anything at all. People have created this “Blue collar” idea. This theory states that every generation will continue to stick to the path intended for them. For example, at North Gwinnett High, Courtney Blair said, “This trend escalated after the apparition of her Harvard acceptance letter. She found it…

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