Essay about The Stranger: Analysis

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"The Stranger": Analysis

Author: Albert Camus

Pierre Palmer English II. Period #5 Date: 10/4/9

copyright, by Pierre Palmer

I. Biographical Insights

A. Albert Camus' cultures consist of being a novelist, literature and short story writer of many books. He wrote an essay on the state of Muslims in
Algeria, causing him to lose his job and he moved to Paris. Albert Camus also joined the French resistance against the Nazis and became an editor of "Combat", an underground newspaper. He was dissatisfied with the editorial of the Board and left the underground newspaper. B. Albert Camus, son of a working-class family, was born in Algeria in 1913, in an extreme poverty area. He spent the early years of his life in North Africa, where he
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He was nice to Meursault. D. The conflicts that Meursault experience was he dislike
Arabs and he was faced with the problem. He expressed resentment and anger against the Arab. The problem was so strong and forceful in him that the only way he felt that he could deal with it was by taking this person life. He felt that this was the way he could resolved the situation of hatred that he had for this person. Also, the fact that he was faced with a murder charge and imprisonment. III. Representative Passage on Imagery and Figurative Language " When I went outside, the sun was up. Above the hills that separate
Marengo from the sea, the sky was streaked with red. And wind coming over the hills that brought the smell of salt with it." A. The sensory details that the author uses that makes us feel like we are actually at the beach. The sensory is called the seance of smell because the author said the wind coming over the hills that brought the smell of the salt with it. B. The simile that the author use in this paragraph was when he is talking about the sky was streaked with red, but I think the author is trying to say that the white clouds with the blue sky looks like the sky is red like blood.

IV. Symbolism / Allusions

" That's all for today, Monsieur Antichrist." " Specking very quickly and passionately, he told me that he believed in God, that it was his conviction that no man was so guilty that God

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