The Storytelling Animal By Jonathan Gottschall Essay

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Scientists have argued whether or not dreams have a true purpose when it comes to humans. In chapter four of, “The Storytelling Animal,” Jonathan Gottschall argues that indeed dreams do have a true function. However, he also claims that “a function for dreams or pretend play or fiction doesn’t mean that we’ve identified the function.” (Page 86). I agree with Gottshchall pertaining to his outlook on dreams having a purpose. Through his varied research, Gottschall concludes that dreams are simply a scape goat that humans use to play out real life scenarios that either challenge or instill fear in their reality. Although Gottschall believes dreams serve a purpose, he also understands how the diverse multitude of perspectives makes it nearly impossible to form one true universal explanation. Gottschall states that in our dreams we, “feel intense fear, sorrow, joy, rage, and lust. We commit atrocities; we suffer tragedies, sometimes we orgasm; sometimes we fly; sometimes we die,” (Page 69). These are emotions and actions we as humans partake in during dream. At times, we experience all of those emotions in dream, depending how drastic they are. The way we portray and accept these dreams varies from person to person. This is made blatantly clear by the extrinsic proofs Gottschall uses to describe the ideas of different scholars throughout history. J. Allan Hobson stated that dreams are just dreams claiming, “the dream is a dream, is the dream, is the dream!” and there is nothing…

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