The Story Of The Movie ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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As soon as Matsuzo was about to relax, he was informed of the news. Courtesy of his wife. He can never catch a break, especially with his son fighting people all the time.

Over what?

Some imaginary people, he thinks exists?

He didn’t remember how it started. One day, his son came home and said that he had brothers now.

It was cute then.

Now, it wasn’t.

They all sat in front of the kotatsu, eating in silence. None of them spoke of what happened today. They never speak about it, sometimes they pretend it never happens.

Today, it was about to change.

“Osomatsu,” His father grunted. This was the third time, he heard about a fight in school, “This has gone far enough. This whole–” He stops for a moment to digest the information that was given to him by his wife, “Imaginary brothers, thing. It was okay when you were little, but now, it has gotten worse.”

“Oso” His mother began, “We only want what’s the best for you. This needs to stop. It has gone far enough. I think it’s time you see a therap–”

“No!” Osomatsu slams his fist on the tablet in front of him, “I don’t need a therapist! They’re real! Don’t you see them?! How can you not notice your own sons!” He points towards the empty space around the table, “They’re sitting right here! With us! How can you not see them?!”

Both parents exchanged worried glances at one another, it was worse then anticipated. It was time they sought help.

“You’re the only child, Osomatsu.” His father spoke up, “Your mother gave birth to…

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