Essay on The Story Of The Great Grandfather

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The mom stopped scolding the toddler for chewing on the walls when she noticed that the toddler had discovered a book typed into the wallpaper. Who had put it there? And what story did it tell? The mother was stunned when she looked at the wallpaper. As she started to peel back the wallpaper, pages and pages were revealed. After all the pages were retrieved and the walls were bare she started to take a closer look at the pages. She found out that the pages were out of order so she quickly organized them. As she started to read she wondered who could have put the story behind the wall of what tell would it tell. As she read the story, it told a tale about her great grandfather that was missing for years. The more she read the story the more questions she had. She decided to ask her mother more about her great grandfather. Her mother told the story of the great grandfather as being a crazy old moonshiner. She told of tales of how he used to run shine in the old days. She warned her daughter that he never did quite make sense and never did want to have anything to do with the family. No one in the family knows exactly what happened to her great grandfather; they just figured he died in one of his moonshine stills. After she finished the conversation with her mother, she began to find that within the pages there were clues to where her great grandfather had hid has stills and where he was living. The very last page was very strange. The only…

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