Pythagoras: A Short Story

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“A squared plus b squared.” I blurted. “That’s the equation isn’t it?” I hid the book behind my back hoping Pythagoras wouldn’t see it.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “What’s that behind your back?” Pythagoras’s brown hair was mussed like he hadn’t slept well and there were shadows under his green eyes. I suspected that he had woken from his “dream from the gods” and had stayed up pondering his options. Why would he have come to my house and arranged triangles from firewood?

“It’s nothing.” I said quickly. “And it’s not a book. I can’t read.” That was a lie, I could read very well. “Go home. Why are you at my house anyways?”

“Don’t burn the book.” Pythagoras warned me, and I got the message that he had seen it. “Daphne, when you’re done with
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It was an effort to get me not to burn the book.

After he had finally disappeared, I opened the book once more. PROOFS OF THE THEOREM, one chapter was titled. I groaned and shook my head. This was really the book he had wanted. “This is crazy.” I said to myself before leaving to collect more
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Before the man even looked at him, he climbed onto the stage and began writing on the stone. “Can I clear a few things up?” he said. “The book, the title is written in Akkadian. It says, On Triangles, written by Sudines. And the spell? It’s a theorem that can find the length of the hypotenuse of any right triangle. It’s amazing, but it’s not witchcraft.” Using the chalk he sketched out two square frames, each filled with different shapes. “The square frames are equal in size, but there are different shapes in them. Does everyone agree?” He didn’t wait for the crowd to reply, and instead labeled each side of a shape as a, b, or c. “So each side is either one of these letters, okay? For a triangle, the hypotenuses are c. The other sides are either a or b.”

I groaned, gritting my teeth. ‘This isn’t helping!” I hissed at Pythagoras, who was smiling like he was having the best time of his

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