The Story of Maurice White and Earth Wind and Fire Essay

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The reason I decided to prepared my paper on Maurice White, the founder of Earth Wind and Fire is because of the fond memories that I have listening to my parents music. Music from the parents era is very different from the music of today. Music from that era was more love oriented, rhythmic and rich in science of music and musical arrangements. Artists my parents are fond of consists of music from such groups as the Four Tops, the Dells, the Dramatics, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, the Chi-Lites and Stylistics. They also list Junior Walker and the All-stars, Al Jaureau, and Ronnie Laws, among others, as jazz groups. However, Earth Wind and Fire’s sound is unique and quite different from all other groups of that era.
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In addition to White, Flemons and Whitehead, Maurice recruited Michael Beal on guitar, Leslie Drayton, Chester Washington and Alex Thomas on horns, Sherry Scott on vocals, percussionist Phillard Williams and his younger brother Verdine on bass.
Earth, Wind & Fire recorded two albums for Warner Brothers: the self-titled 1970 album Earth, Wind And Fire and the 1971 album The Need Of Love. A single from this album, "I Think About Lovin' You," provided EWF with their first Top 40 R&B hit. Also in 1971, the group performed the soundtrack to the Melvin Van Peebles film 'Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song'. Maurice White, influenced and inspired by decided to create a band that would spread the message of love, unity, peace and harmony that would transend all races and touch audiences all over the world. The name of the group would be called Earth, Wind & Fire.

Earth Wing and Fire combined high-caliber musicianship, wide-ranging musical genre eclecticism, and '70s multicultural spiritualism. The group has inspired other R&B groups such as the “Ohio Player,” “GAP Band” and “the Dazz Band” …

Earth Wind and Fire first had its success when it introduced to the world with “Last Days and Time,” which the group recorded in the Spring of 1972. This album introduced the world to the sound

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