Coyote Runs And Brennan Language Analysis

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“Something was there with him, in him, around him. He could feel it. Some other thing was there.” The author uses descriptive language so the readers can feel Brennan’s connection with Coyote Runs spirit. In the novel, Canyons, by Gary Paulsen, the author uses figurative language and descriptive writing to describe the relationship between Coyote Runs and Brennan.
One technique the author uses to connect the relationship between Coyote Runs and Brennan is descriptive language. In the story, the author uses the words “color of straw” to make a connection between Brennan and Coyote. “Coyote Runs saw a large horse the color of straw that he would have liked to take for his own.” Later, Brennan also dreams “of Coyote’s horse, “The horse had light,

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