The Story Of A Vampire, Count Dracula Essay

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The story of a vampire, Count Dracula, written by Bram Stoker. Back in 1879 when this piece of literature was written it did not take much to push fear into an average persons mind. But what about this novel makes it so horrifying? Motifs such as revenants, somnambulism, mist/fog, curses, cemeteries, and many more are what give many gothic novels their appeal and emotional interest. This novel has a way of making the reader overthink everything and second guess themselves when it comes to assuming what is going to happen next, or what is going to happen to the characters as the story progresses. Oftentimes throughout this novel there is a unexpected twist or event that really puts the reader on edge and keeps them thinking. In Chapter 19 of Dracula, Mina experiences a peculiar mist coming towards her room at first, and then seeping into her room as the night goes on. This motif, a strange mist or fog, is very common among many gothic novels of this time and in future literature. The mood mist sets is ominous and somewhat suspenseful. We do not know what is going to happen next, and the characters in the novel are unable to see through the mist and sometimes just the presence of such an odd thing is enough to make the character uncomfortable which, in turn, makes the reader uneasy. Mina seeing this mist was somewhat of a turning point in Dracula because we as the readers were under the impression that the men had the upper hand over Count Dracula. The wording…

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