Essay on The Story About The Brothel Boy

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With the help of the villagers, Blair was able to research the life story about the brothel boy, along with the crime he committed. The Brothel Boy is far from a boy, as he is roughly twenty or so years old, who was born and raised in the Brothel. He was the son of a woman who worked in the brothel as a prostitute, but died shortly after the boy’s birth, and a man who was unknown. Therefore, the brothel keeper took him in to raise him. It was extremely apparent that the boy was uneducated and retarded, “The boy was obviously stupid.” By gathering all the evidence in this case, Blair will hold the decision as the judge, prosecutor, and defense counsel in the conviction of the brothel boy in relations to the crime he committed.
The brothel boy was taken into the village center where he was beaten by the village men to the point he was unconsciousness, bleeding from his head and face as well. The men stood back while Blair inspected the boy, then they assisted him in carrying him to the police station where the nearby doctor was contacted. The brothel boy had been found earlier that day in the fields near the river by the villagers on the hunch of a girl screaming in the distance. Once, the villagers came upon the brothel boy and screaming girl, they discovered the young girl was naked in the boy’s arms. It was assumed that the girl, of twelve or thirteen years old had been raped by the boy, and had struggled which lead to her head being struck on a sharp rock. The case was…

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