The Stigma Of Being Dangerous Essay

1192 Words Dec 4th, 2014 null Page
“It’s all in your head,” “Oh, just cheer up,” and “It seems like you’re just obsessed with your illness,” are some of the most hurtful and equally as ignorant statements that are projected upon those with mental illnesses. Stigmas of being dangerous, constantly suicidal, or overly dramatic are cast about in nearly every environment and not just in the adult community, either. Students are teased beyond general reason for their parents going through divorces or for being a little slower than the rest and therefore being taken out of class. Students are often bullied for being affected by any sort of disorder, though statistically those suffering with a mental disorder are far more likely to be bullied to the point of self-harm or suicide (NAMI, 2). Because help is generally made fun of, and thereby condemned as weak, “approximately 50% of students age 14 and older who are living with a mental illness drop out of high school.” Consequently, approximately “65% of boys and 75% of girls in juvenile detention have at least one mental illness,” (NAMI, 2). As within school, the professional atmosphere denounces mental illnesses. Employers are less likely to hire those affected with mental illnesses, causing extreme cases of discrimination. Additionally, sick days can be denied if they were used as a “mental health day,” even though with some illnesses, getting out of bed is the hardest task they complete all day (NIMH, 3). Because those with mental illnesses are less likely to…

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