The Stereotypes And Misconceptions Of Nursing Essay

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All the stereotypes and misconceptions about nursing has definitely changed the way people view this profession. Society view doctors as the ultimate boss because it require more educations and obviously get paid more. However, according to the article, Practice Nursing, Lynda Carey and Mark Jones state, “Despite what the media may portray, nursing is not directed by physicians, even though nurses have less practical power than physicians do.” In reality nurses are supervised by other nurses. Society does not realized that nursing is very much like a doctor, nurses can be trained to work in a specific area and some are in a higher positions than others. For example, licensed vocational nurse are in charged of certified nursing assistant and the director of nursing is in charged of all the nurses in a hospital. In addition, people are mistaken when they think nursing is a simple and safe job. It is rewarding career, however there are risks that come along with it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “They are vulnerable to back injuries, because they often lift and move patients.” Patients may be double the size of a nurse and she or he must be able to lift or move that person. Nurses can easily turn the wrong way and cause an injury to the back, which might require surgery. Nurses are also surrounded by contagious diseases and harmful substances. This puts them at risk for contracting diseases of different severity. For instance, they can get a common illness such…

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