The Statue Of Liberty And Michelangelo's David

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A statue is a form of sculpture representing animals or humans. However, statues have meaning beyond their physical appearance. Based on the positioning on the statue, the focus on specific details, the materials used, and many other aspects, statues are made to represent more than what is physically seen. A well-known statue is the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Made in 1876, the Statue of Liberty is the portrayal of a woman holding a book and a torch. However the statue means more than its physical appearance. The statue is a representation of the freedom of America. Another known statue is Michelangelo’s David, the statue made in the early 1500’s. The statue not only was tribute towards the Old Testament story of David who killed the giant Goliath, however stood as a strong symbol of Florence, Italy. Michelangelo’s David continues to serve as a symbol for the growth and interest of humanity throughout the Renaissance and into modern day. Although statues may have a specific appearance, there is always more symbolism than what meets the eye. Statues and sculptures also have a way of giving clues to the culture of the time. Going back to around 6500 B.C.E, the discovery of some the …show more content…
Therefore, the Neolithic people in the territory of Ain’ Ghazal would look to spiritual leaders to help them communicate with the spiritual realm. Knowing the statues are tied to religious views, it is suggested spiritual leaders may have influenced those who knew how to make them. Archeologists and researches have not found definite facts towards who would be the creator of the statues. However, it is logical to believe the makers of the statues held deep, religious beliefs, in order to create the figurines used in the burial practices. To become influenced to make the statues it is plausible that spiritual leaders with who could communicate with the spiritual realm, influenced craftsmen to create the

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