The Statement Vs. State Essay

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The Statement vs the State Throughout history, great civilizations rose and fell, great battles were fought and humanity continued to evolve and change with it’s feats being written by the winners in a bias as they engraved the “facts” in stone. Almost all stories show the patriarchal dominance of the protagonists involved because they were the winners, the oppressive controlling dominant sex on earth. Stories would name men and regrettably anonymize women. Anonymous was always the woman throughout history and because of such, anonymity was the ideological accepted pattern in the structure of Governments and laws. Many of these laws prevented women from fighting for their rights. Women could not stand up for themselves in this case because it would be rebellion for the status quo that was deeply rooted in the ideals of humanity. The only way to prove that the obvious self declared and commonly acclaimed dominance in this society was to take the comparative white privileged women for example and wonder if they don’t understand that their pigmentation of skin opens doors that others won’t. Peggy McIntosh goes on to list forty-six reason why being white-priveledged is indeed that; privileged. Her argument was not about being white but how such is a relation to male-priveledge and the many reasons men know that they are privileged yet refrain from doing anything about it. Peggy argued that men, after understanding that they 're in a superior society placed pedestal, agree to…

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