The State Seal Of Biliteracy Essay

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Nationwide, there is an educational reform effort underway that holds the power to change how we as Americans perceive literacy forever. This movement addresses implementation of true cultural pluralism in the classroom. In doing so the seal of biliteracy seeks to remediate loss of language and culture of non-English speakers assimilating to American culture and the English language as well as to provide to all students the opportunity to cultivate both linguistic and cultural knowledge other than their own. The state seal of biliteracy was established first in California in 2011 in collaboration with Californians Together, an organization that advocates securing equal access to a quality education for each and every child. It provides to students opportunities within traditional high school curriculum to learn academic concepts at appropriate grade levels, in different languages and cultural contexts. The seal of biliteracy is a certification that one has excelled beyond bilingualism, into cultural literacy and academic proficiency in one or more foreign language. This seal provides recognition to those that have reached a satisfactory level of proficiency, as set forth by international proficiency standards, in many languages. It recognizes those who have successfully learned English as a second language, or those pursuing secondary fluency in a number of the world’s major languages. Today, because of program success in California and beyond, the implementation of…

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