Essay on The State Scorecard On Health System Performance

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In 2007, commonwealth fund released its state scorecard on health system performance, which showed the state-to-state wide variation in access to care, cost, efficiency and quality. Quality of care was related to access to care, which indicates, improved coverage is an important approach to improve the health of population. The scorecard also showed that higher spending levels do not improve the quality of care. Therefore, the negative correlation between the cost and quality of care become a great concern as the cost is increasing drastically. Between 1999 and 2008 the cost of health care premium was more than doubled while wages increased by only 34 percent. In addition the deductibles and cost sharing for those with coverage also increased considerably. In spite of paying more than twice as much for health coverage, Americans are buying less comprehensive protection. Evidence shows that United States (U.S) healthcare system fails to deliver consistently high-quality care. Care is often coordinated poorly and falls short of best practice standards. The Institute of medicine report, To Err is Human showed the prevalence of medical errors in the U.S health care system, which estimated 98,000 deaths per year as a result of medical errors (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2010). For Americans, higher cost of insurance is the primary reason for not having the health care access. In 2013, 31 percent uninsured reported that they were not able to access care or delayed medical care…

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