The State Of The Farm Essay

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Bruneau Idaho is kind of a different place to live, its mostly a rural farming and ranching area with a small almost dead town down in the valley. The towns population is mostly dominated by ranchers that run cows in the surrounding desert. The rest of the population is made up of farmers and farm workers that work the desert ground with water pumped out of the Snake river. My family is a bit different then everyone else we own a farm up on top of the hill that over looks Bruneau. The farm is not what makes us different then the general population its that we also own a dairy farm alongside the farm. To be a bit more clear its more that we are dairy farmers that farm the dairy came first and since cows like to eat we started to move in the direction of farming. I am not sure what it is but ranchers and dairymen do not seem to mix well. I do not know why its all agriculture and its all cows but it just seems that the difference in general business plans and life style seem to draw a line in the dirt in a community that is so mono idealistic as Bruneau it. Growing up in Bruneau has had a direct impact on my life that I have already lived as well as helped in shaping me into the person I hope to become. My family has live at 26724 Crane Falls road for longer than I have been around by about two years. Bruce my father started out as herdsman there in 1996 and my mother and I joined him soon after. We lived only a 100 yards from the dairy in a yellow house up on a…

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