The State Of Nature : Locke And Hobbes Essay

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The state of nature is a theory used in moral and political philosophy, belief, social contract theories and universal law in order to specify the estimated circumstances regarding what humanity was like before societies came into existence. Locke and Hobbes were both social contract theorists and shared a similarity of both being interested in natural law. Natural law theorists anticipated that under natures circumstances, man was measured as a social animal. However, Hobbes differed from the usual social law theorists due to his individual thought and independent conclusions. Locke and Hobbes are both well known political philosophers. They have both developed writings which have impacted the formation of modern political thought. In addition, they both insinuate to a state of nature where man exists without government and the dangers of a state of nature (Leviathan, Chapters XIII–XIV). Locke believes that in the state of nature, men generally held their promises and admired their duties. He refers to the American frontier and Soldania, which are people who are in the state of nature, where property rights and peace were present. For example, princes were within a state of nature in regards to one another along with Rome and Venice being within a state of nature just before they were officially discovered. Within any environment that is generally adequate to one being punished for wrongdoings against another, the American frontier, people are in a state of nature.…

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