Essay on The State Of International Relations

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The State in the context of international relations and world politics, is one, if not the most important actors in international relations theory. The State can defined as “a large social system with a set of rules that are enforced by a permanent administrative body (government).” ( The role of state actors in International Relations has always been classically seen as the most important. This essay will examine the importance of the State in international politics, drawing references from historical events and current events, with particular references to IR theory. It will also discuss the relationship between the State and non-state actors in international relations, and the contending views of the State in international relations theory.
The importance of the State as an actor in international politics has been evident throughout history and ever since antiquity. States have existed since the pursuit of power and the continued existence of a centralized society functioning within a certain area was first thought of. States were formed over smaller territories that had been forced to coexist within a singular culture that had to conform due to other, larger forces that were dominated by specific ideals, laws, customs and ethics. Thus states were created. States have significant power, what is meant by this is that states merely by their existence already…

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