The State Of Florida Vs Frantz Essay

1195 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
For class, I watched the court case the State of Florida vs Frantz. The case involved the defendant being accused of rape with the possible lesser charge of assault. I only watched the second half of the court case. I will divide this essay of my observations into 4 sections: the overall procedures, the behavior of parties directly involved, parties indirectly involved and the physical environment of the courthouse to the contrast between reality and courtroom dramas. The overall procedures of the courtroom were similar to what was presented in the textbook but very different than what is seen on television. The court case was incredibly dull for 75% of the time that I attended with new information only being presented 25% of the time. The phrases mentioned in the court include, "permission to dismiss", "possible lesser charges", "permission to approach", "objection" "no rebuttal". These phrases were delivered with much less emotion than expressed in courtroom dramas. The whole court experience was less emotional than I expected or that was expressed in courtroom dramas. The lawyers seemed to be friends with one another, the juries seemed exhausted from simply sitting all day, and even the defendant did not seem to express much emotion. I chose not to stay around for the verdict because I was informed it would take an indefinite time. Another case, I was told about was a defendant charged with 1st-degree murder, which took an entire day to deliberate as guilty. This is very…

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