State V. Hunt Film Analysis

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The State v. Hunt dealt with a nineteen year old man wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of Deborah Sykes. This case, as established in the documentary “The Trials of Darryl Hunt,” is surrounded by many issues dealing to Hunt’s conviction. Of these issues, a couple stood out the most; police corruption, prosecution misconduct, photo lineup, false testimony, eyewitness testimony, jury selection, and so forth. As a tool, to help provide a better analysis, course materials will be used. Before moving forward and exploring deeper into the aforementioned problems circling Darryl’s hunt trial, it would be best to give a brief understanding of the case. The case centers on a young African American male, who was convicted twice for the sexual assault and murder of a white female, Deborah Sykes. The documentary displays everything that led to Hunt’s sentencing, and shows that Darryl’s 20 years in prison should have never occurred. There's more, the documentary illustrates the important points that led to his incarceration. while analyzing the State v. Hunt’s case, it can be said that this clearly resembles some form of racial hoax; the argument is straightforward, the police, as …show more content…
Aside from the obvious race factor, one of the problems found in Hunt’s conviction was how charges were brought against him; it all began with a 911 call made by Johnny Gray posing as someone and a photo-lineup arranged for the eyewitness shortly thereafter. The photos displayed a couple of African American male like the eyewitness had subscribes, and all aspect of the images resembled one another except for Darryl Hunt’s; his photo was noticeably different from the rest, making it easier for the eyewitness to pick the one that was simply different. This is just the start of what led to Darryl's wrongful

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