Essay about The State Is More Important Than The Individual

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In the Republic the state is more important than the individual. The state uses the principle of specialization to separate individuals into three classes. Individuals are evaluated and classified in so that the state can keep the structure of society. Plato the philosopher contends this classification brings the most efficiency and productivity to society. Individuals are not able to make decisions on how they want to be placed in society. Individuals should be permitted to make choices of their own because it is more beneficial to the state.
According to the Republic , a true civilization occurs when degrees of specialization exists in the state. Plato says the principle of specialization defines a city. He argues that the whole structure of a city is defined by the principle of specialization. He believes that each civilian in society needs to play a role in society. He emphasizes that people should play a role best suited for them. He claims that they should play their own roles in society and not interfere with other roles. For example, a man who is great at making objects out of wood should be a carpenter and nothing else. A man who is courageous and strong should be a warrior and nothing else. Plato insists this is the only way to guarantee society is at its full potential. The principle of specialization keeps the working class from becoming the warrior class. It separates society into three classes. Plato assets there are workers, warriors, and rulers within…

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