The Stages Of Physical Development Essay

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The first topic I will cover in my report is physical development. I will begin with my mother’s pregnancy, and how her circumstances effected my development as a fetus, as well as the person I am today. Her pregnancy was pretty normal, however my mother did smoke cigarettes and was only fifteen while she was pregnant. I developed in what appeared to be a normal way, and was delivered at 39 weeks and 4 days via vaginal delivery I was born weighing 6.4 pounds and 21 inches long.
Piaget’s Stages According to Piaget there are four stages of cognitive development in which children develop. The first is the Sensorimotor Stage. From birth until around age two, I was busy learning the world around me. At this stage babies and toddlers are known to only focus on what they see around them. According to my mother, I was a very observant baby that seemed to really take it all in. I wanted to see and touch everything just to see what would happen.
Just as Erikson describes in the first stage of psychosocial development, I trusted my mother and father to keep me safe as I learned new things. I enjoyed listening and making any type of music. I would try to mimic the sounds from the world around me. My mother wood often set me in the floor with a small bowl of water, and let me try to pour the water back and forth in the cups. Piaget believed that play was one of the most important ways a child learns.
As I reached the age of two years old, I had been up walking around, and getting…

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