The Stages Of My Adolescence

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Just like most adolescents, I changed a lot through this stage of my life all the way through early adulthood. This is significant for me since I’m now entering early adulthood. Unlike my early adulthood, my teenager years were not the greatest. However, it’s always fun finding out more about yourself through assignments like these. During this time period, people are learning about themselves and establishing a base for the rest of their life. In my adolescence and early adulthood years I changed many aspects of myself including: my physical appearance, cognitive thinking, personality, and my faith.
To be more specific, I’m highlighting my developmental milestones between the ages of 13 and 22. Starting off with the earlier years, I hit my
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When I went through puberty and my voice got deeper I believed girls were more interested in me. I started dating and had my first girlfriend at the age of 16. Unfortunately, getting attention from others allowed my self-esteem to sky rocket. This is when I went through egocentrism. Everything was about me and I was not able to differentiate between myself and other. Although I didn’t think of myself as a selfish person, the only perspective that mattered was my own. I also had a personal fable, which means that I believed that everyone else around me was concerned and interested in my life. During this stage, I made a lot of “fake friendships.” The reason I say they were fake is because as a teenager it is hard to actually care about others and rather build friendships with people for self-gaining. I began to have an attitude and take off with the freedom given to me. The relationship with my parents defiantly did change during my adolescence in a negative way. During my adolescence I began to disobey more and get away with more …show more content…
I was born in the Catholic religion and baptized in the Mormon religion at the age of eight. A lot of ideas were introduced to me, but I still have not found one church in specific that I identify myself with. From all the exploring I’ve done, I realized all the things I like and dislike from the churches. This is the reason why I became independent and focused on my relationship with Jesus Christ. I knew I needed more God in my life after high school and that’s why I decided to attend Dordt College. The transition was not easy and I am still adjusting to it. Going from a big city where it’s fairly warm to a small town where it goes into the negatives was not easy. Also being surrounded by Christian reformist followers has helped me learn a lot about the religion. I do feel like I am an adult now. After all, I did make the decision to leave my comfortably back home to explore away from home. I believe this was my first grown-man decision. I believe I am still figuring myself out and what I want to be for the rest of my life, but this is something that all adults deal with. I’ve heard that it’s called the awkward stage in

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