The Sport Of Cheerleading Can Be Deceiving Essay

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The sport of cheerleading can be deceiving. An outsider will never see the hard work, fortitude, and commitment that is implemented throughout the year for one two minute and thirty second routine performance. In analyzing these poems, the themes and tones show the similarities and differences in these poems. In this case, poetry is a true window of understanding. Through poetry, one can more deeply understand the world of cheerleading. Throughout the three poems analyzed there is a reoccurring theme of time. In the poem “2:30” the unknown author draws attention to the subject of time by putting the length of a cheerleading performance as the title. This attention allows the reader to immediately see the significant difficulty of the timed performance. Although the unknown author does not explicitly state the short amount of time allotted to perform during the poem, she emphasizes this topic by making it the first thing a reader reads. Similarly, Stephanie’s poem “Two Minutes and Thirty Seconds” focuses on the length of a cheerleading routine and how the length adds pressure to the sport. Stephanie emphasizes this by using repetition to concentrate on the duration of time ‘Two minutes and Thirty seconds” (Stephanie line 1) in the twenty-nine lined poem a total of ten times. The constant repetition throughout the poem stresses the little time cheerleaders have to perform a perfect routine and get the highest score in the competition. Other athletes have close to an hour with…

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