The Spiritual Behaviors Of Medical Ethics Essay

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Bowman, D. (2015). What is it to do good medical ethics? Minding the gap(s). Journal of Medical Ethics, 41(1), 60.

In this article, the spiritual behaviors of medical ethics are incline to differ from more materialistic methods by stressing limitations on self-directed decision-making, by more certainly valuing the familiarity of suffering, and by drawing on beliefs and standards that go beyond empiric authentication. Also in this article, it traces the impact of several differences of some of the world 's great religious behaviors with respect to three specific issues: (1) religious painstaking objection to medical treatments; (2) end-of life decision-making, including euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, and the withholding or withdrawing of life-sustaining treatments; (3) definitions of moral personhood (defining life 's beginning and end

Brock, D. W. (2015). Good medical ethics. Journal of Medical Ethics, 41(1), 34.

This article is a summarizes some of the key features of my paper, ‘Voluntary Active Euthanasia’, and a later jointly authored paper, ‘Moral Fictions’, which I believe may be a few examples of good medical ethics.

Farsides, B. (2015). What is good medical ethics? A very personal response to a difficult question. Journal of Medical Ethics, 41(1), 52.

This article is the author’s personal replication where a career in medical ethics could leads to four conclusions on what attributes to ‘good medical ethics’. Good medical ethics is a real-world in…

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