The Spheres Of Yellowstone National Park Essay

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The Spheres of Yellowstone National Park
Throughout history, Yellowstone National Park has been a central part of American culture. When a typical American envisions Yellowstone, they see a beautiful landscape, or place filled with nature and wildlife. However, there is more to Yellowstone National Park than what meets the eye. Yellowstone National Park is an area riddled with the strife of politics. Two spheres, human-and human and human-and-nature, describe an important relationship within the Greater Yellowstone Area that is between Yellowstone 's NPS staff and visitors, and visitors and fish.
The relationship between park staff and visitors falls under the human-and-human sphere. The park staff are the individuals who regulate, maintain, and oversee things in the park (Chapter 11, Façade Management). They were created by the National Park Service, which governs all American parks (Chapter10, Interpreting the park). Additionally, visitors are those who come to see Yellowstone National Park, and they began visiting Yellowstone around 1872 (Chapter 6, The Early Tourists).
The relationship between park staff and visitors is that park staff having the reigns over the park (Chapter 11, Façade Management). They influence what tourists are allowed to do in Yellowstone (Chapter 11, Façade Management). In the beginning of their relationship, the staff changed parts of the park to make it more accessible and eye-catching for tourists (Chapter 11, Façade Management). With these…

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