Essay on The Speech At The Council Of Clermont By Pope Urban II

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The speech at the Council of Clermont by pope Urban II was the defining moment in Crusades ideology, creating the foundation for the first large scale Crusades to take place. With the newly found five accounts of the Council I’ll try to paint an accurate picture as possible of what exactly occurred. There is no official transcript from pope Urban II; instead these documents provide first hand accounts of what occurred. Whether they are reliable or not is another matter. Since each document differs in content it’s best to look at the similarities that they each share as a way to piece together what possibly could have occurred. One of the most prominent and reoccurring patterns throughout the documents is the continuous use of God and biblical verses as a way for Urban II to justify what he is asking for. The century prior there was a call for peace from the church aimed especially at knights, now a hundred years later there is a very drastic change, with Urban II calling for “His army” to travel to Jerusalem and capture it from Muslim forces. Urban II implies that he is talking through God, that these armies are the “will of God”. That in a sense it’s not something that should be done for him, although there are times where he makes points of his papal authority as absolute and one that should be followed, nor for the Eastern Church but for God himself. That the Crusades will be a way to take back Jerusalem for God, his holy land, a place where Christ suffered for the sins…

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