The Spartans Were The Greatest Fighting Force Essays

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The Spartans were the greatest fighting force in ancient history. Spartans trained together from a young age for war with their countrymen. The Spartan warriors were elite. They were the most feared warriors. Unlike the Zack Snyder film 300 where each warrior is seeking glory for their own desires, the real Spartans were brothers forged in battle and in trials of war. I did not have the pleasure to know John Datzman from a young age, but I know that John was a Spartan at heart. Yet, the minute we met in Marine Corps’ Boot Camp a bond that supersedes friendship and enters the realm of brotherhood was forged between us.
We went through boot camp, infantry school, and deployed within the same infantry squad together, creating a relationship that was undeniably powerful. The close proximity to each to each other lead to a constructive competition between the two of us which lead to us rising quickly through the ranks and into leadership positions. John and I deployed twice together in southern Afghanistan, in the summers of 2011 and 2013, yet only I was fortunate enough to return alive. John was a true American hero, yet knowing him that if he was still here today with us that he would refuse that title and state that he was just doing his job. Although I have two actual brothers there was no one closer to me than John because of our powerful use of communication skills, meaningful conflict management strategies, self - awareness and respect towards each other.
We quickly…

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