The Spanish Inquisition During The 19th Century Essay

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Is it acceptable when people say: “No mercy in wars”? Is it away to justify violence and torture? People differ when answering such a question. Especially, when it comes to religions and beliefs. If we look back to the Spanish Inquisition in the 12th Century, we can understand how harsh wars when they relate to religions. As all religious war, the Spanish Inquisition was a black spot in the history of humanity. And we can say that religion, money and nationalism were the most important causes of the Spanish Inquisition. One of the causes of the Spanish Inquisition was to discover and punish converted Jews (and later Muslims) who were insincere. Other one is the original Inquisition of the 12th Century concerned the Catharists who blended Gnosticism with Manichaeism and believed in two gods. XXXXXXXXX By that time, authorities usually accept only one belief from the citizens or anyone belonged to the country or institution that authority represents. People in those countries, for instant, Spain, believe in different religion and Gods, therefore, the religious authority found that wrong matter which should be corrected. The bad news was how and what is the way of this kind of correction?
Leading to potentially civilization-destroying social consequences, the government authority in Spain tried to have Catharists converted their beliefs but they refused to take oaths, which back then meant opposing government authority.
Some historians believe that the official start of the…

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