The Spanish And The British Essay

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Title The Spanish and the British both endured many obstacles and overcame multiple hurdles while settling in the Americas; however, the reasons for settling in the Americas differed vastly between the Spanish and the British. While settling in a new, unknown country could not have been easy, the approach taken when establishing a new settlement plays an imperative role in the future of the settlement. Motivation for immigration, course of settlement establishment, nature of relationships formed with Native people, and determination to continue life in the new land—these are just a few of the factors that play a significant role in the similarities and differences of the journey to settlement and civilization experienced by the Spanish and the British. During the early fifteenth century, life in Europe’s main concern was anything but the exploration of the Americas. In fact, most Europeans were actually “almost entirely unaware of the existence of the Americas” (Boyd, Class Notes). Until the Age of Exploration, Europe was never a factor when discussing exploration of new lands, and it was not until the late fifteenth century that Europe exhibited any interest in exploration. It was during this time that Europeans began to recover from the Bubonic Plague, and this immensely increased the population size; therefore, the desire for new land was more evident than ever. The Spanish’s journey to exploring America greatly differs from that of the European’s. While the…

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