The Spanish And Dutch Colonies Essay

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The Spanish, French, and Dutch colonies in North America all interacted with the Native Americans during the 16th century. Spain’s extreme subjugating approach and views on freedom and religion differed from the accepting and collaborative views of the French and the Dutch. Although the French and Dutch had apparent positive approaches compared to Spain, oppression of the Native Americans occurred under the control of all three colonies.
The Spanish were the first to colonize North America and their approach lacked moral compass. This quote, taken from the writings of a Dominican priest, only scratches the surface of the relationship between the Natives and the Spanish. “The Indians [of hispaniola] were totally deprived of their freedom and were put in the harshest, fiercest, most horrible servitude and captivity which no one who has not seen it can understand.” The Native Americans were not the only group of people treated poorly by the spanish. The Spanish Empire established a meticulously kept record of every person’s racial background and formed a hierarchy with spanish at the top and African and Native Americans at the bottom. The hierarchy granted higher levels (castizos) more rights and the lower levels (coyote and mulatto) fewer rights. All groups of people ranked above the Natives and Blacks were not slaves, but their quality life ranged from poor and untrusted working class to a wealthy and trusted class. Freedom for all people was not a valued virtue among the…

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