The Soviet Union During World War II Essay example

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After World War II, many nations that had been under the rule of Nazi Germany required new governments to be formed. As the Soviet army retreated, America believed those nations that had been liberated by the Soviet Union would be allowed to create their own democratic government. Due to the Soviet Union influence in the surrounding countries’ governments, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria formed communist governments that were directly supportive of Stalin instead of freely elected governments (Trueman, 2011). The expansion of communism was threatening to democratic nations as they feared the damage that could be done through Stalin would be as great as that of Nazi Germany and the world had not yet had time to recover from those battles.
Greece and Turkey both had been battling communism internally since World War II ended, a civil war that was gaining attention by other nations due to their significant and strategic geographic location. Turkey owned a territory called the Dardanelles, which could be beneficial to controlling ships passing between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The USSR wanted communist control over this area to enable its navy to gain easy entrance to the Mediterranean (A&E Television Networks, 2014). The importance of Greece to communism was very similar to its want for the Dardanelles. If Greece became a communist nation, Soviet Russia would have an ally in the Mediterranean where it could build Soviet ships, therefore completely cutting out the…

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