The Soviet Union And The American Cold War Essay

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At the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States become rivals. Both nations differed in ideological and strategic goals. George Kennan, an American diplomat, wanted to avoid Soviet expansion. Kennan writes his, “Kennan Telegram,” in which he writes about his creation of the policy of “containment.” Kennan’s idealism of containment becomes the keystone of American Cold War policies such as the “Truman Doctrine,” “The Marshall Plan,” and the “NSC-68.”
The “Kennan Telegram” leads its idealism of containment by the creation of the “Truman Doctrine.” In Part 1 of the telegram, it concludes that the Soviet strategy regarding dealing with the capitalist powers of the world was to have “communism in entire world” (Kennan Telegram). The Soviets wanted a battle against the Western leaders even if an imperialist war was needed. The overall foreign policy objective of the Soviet Union was to consolidate influence over several countries near the Soviet Union to create Soviet expansion during the Cold War. President Harry S. Truman wrote the “Truman Doctrine.” The doctrine states a strategy of a “new policy of containment” to prevent any further expansion of Soviet influence (Truman Doctrine). The doctrine’s goal was to “support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or outside pressure” by providing “economic and financial aid” (Truman Doctrine). The “Kennan Telegram” helps explain the “Truman Doctrine” because Kennan’s primary goal is…

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