The Souls Of Black Folks Essay

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The Souls of black folks is the classic work of W.E.B Du bois. It is an innovative work in the history of African American literary. That to this day it is still talked about. Du bois uses the term “Double consciousness” in one his essays. The beliefs that African American in the united states live with two conflicting identities , that cannot be entirely merge together .Which importantly first to the black community is their black identity ,and second the American identity. Mind you blacks were sold and brought to America as slaves not by their will. In The Souls of Black Folk, DuBois explains to the reader that the best, and perhaps the only, way that DuBois himself could transcend his conditions and the way in which he believes African Americans could transcend their situation was to embrace intellectualism and understand their circumstances. Some critics of DuBois’s writing and political stance found this position to be passive; they would have advocated a more active and aggressive kind of social change.
From the end of Reconstruction to the onset of the civil rights era, lynching was prevalent in developing and frontier regions that had a dynamic and fluid African American population. Focusing on Mississippi and South Carolina because of the high proportion of African Americans in each state during "the age of lynching," Terence Finnegan explains lynching as a consequence of the revolution in social relations—assertiveness, competition, and tension—that resulted from…

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