The Souls Of Black Folk Essay examples

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In his book, The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. Du Bois outlines his experience as an African American in the post war years. Du Bois chronicles his subsequent realization of the general issues facing the African American community during reconstruction. Using personal anecdotes and historical references, Du Bois attempts to paint a portrait of the struggles faced by African Americans. Du Bois is able to pinpoint key issues in the culture that inhibit democracy to fully reach the lives of the newly freed slaves. These political and cultural issues are translated as the overall themes presented in the book. Du Bois hopes that in drawing attention to these themes, the country will be able see the inherent deficiencies in the American system, thus hoping to spread democracy. This paper will draw on some of the thematic issues proposed by Du Bois, while applying them to the twenty-first century. Seeing that issues such as, persistence racism, the color-line, the veil, double-consciousness are still prevalent today. In the twentieth century, Du Bois suggests that education was the key to expanding democracy to the lives of African Americans. There have been historical instances, such as desegregation, that have paved the way, but more can still be done today. The underlying issue presented in The Souls of Black Folk, is persistent racism. Du Bois sprinkles his personal experience with racism thought the piece. Du Bois, recalls the first time he experienced racism, that…

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