The Souls Of Black Folk Essay

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Mohammed Abdulkadir
Soc-215 Essay Summary
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The Souls Of Black Folk By W.E. Du Bois
The Souls of Black Folk is a collection of essays of African American literature and also an important sociological history of the Black Americans, written by W.E.
Du Bois. In this essay Du Bois put forward an idea of, "The Color line problem as the problem in twentieth century." In this essay he talked about two terms that have now developed into theoretical fields of study “the veil and the double consciousness”. Double consciousness being the belief that African Americans in the United
States lives with two conflicting identities that cannot entirely be understood or merged together. The most important experience is the black identity and the second important is the American identity, an identity of which the black man was born in only because of his historical trace of slavery. The Veil is an idea that works together with double consciousness that describes that the African Americans lived experience happens behind a conceal piece or back door (veil). While most are able to understand what life is for people within and outside the groups, it is difficult for white people to fully grab the black experience. The essays in this book provide the reader with a little glimpse into the life behind the veil.
Du Bois went on to provide a broader explanations for the reader to fully experience life behind the veil of the black man in “The Forethought” the opening of the book and…

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