The Society Building On Technology Essay

1421 Words Jan 21st, 2016 null Page
Before Industrial Revolution happened, society was build on population since there were no auto machines working for human beings, human had to do heavy hand work to collect food. Today, our society building on technology, which is widely used everywhere, from Internet to engine, and that is what we call modern society.
12 thousand years ago, the population of human beings was less than 5 million. At that time, lives were simple:people lived in the caves, hunted in the forests; therefore, people’s communication ways were simple as well, which included singing and dancing. Dancing is a kind of body language which consists purposefully selected sequences of body movements. By dancing, dancer expressed her feeling ,thought and also pass aesthetic and symbolic value to audience. Thus it has social and communicate function. Compared with dancing, singing is the product of tones and various vocal techniques. Voices can be easily spread by air, thus people who live in different caves or mountains used singing as communication. When Chinese invented paper, letters became the most popular way of communication instead of singing and dancing. Singing and dancing is not suitable way for keeping secrets, but letters provide a safer way to transfer information. Envelopes, which made of paper, allow people knew whether the information is leak or not. In the old days, people felt exciting when they finally receive a letter after waiting so long. People are still using the words in their…

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