The Social Theory Of How People 's Behaviors Change When They Are Under Surveillance

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What is panopticsim, is it using fear to manipulate the way people respond to their environment or is it using the judgement of others to shape who you are as a person? Panopticsim is the social theory of how people’s behaviors change when they are under surveillance. Throughout my essay I will be using two essays: Michel Foucault’s “Panopticsim” and Tim Rayner’s “Foucault and social media: I tweet, therefore I become,” to give examples of rhetorical appeals such as ethos, logos, and pathos. I will also be comparing and contrasting what these two authors believe what panopticsim is.
In his argument, Foucault writes, “Only the intendants, syndics, and guards will move about the streets and also, between one house to another, the ‘crows,’ who can be left to die: these are the ‘people of little substance who carry the sick, bury the dead, clean, and do many vile and abject offices’” (Foucault, 2011, p. 282). When Foucault uses the word “vile” he is making the lepers out to be disgusting people or can be left to die and have less value than those who are not lepers. The way Foucault describes lepers and the words he uses demonstrates ethos in his argument because he is using his words to create an image in his reader’s brain of lepers.
Throughout his argument Foucault uses Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon to help further explain what he feels that panopticsim is. Foucault explains what he thinks the functions of the panopticon are when he writes, “the Panopticon is a machine for…

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