The Social Psychology : Disaster Preparedness Is The Way One Will Act And Prepare For An Upcoming Disaster

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Presenting the review as an expert, social psychology is applied to many factors and issues that take place in the society, today. The way in which people communicate, share thoughts, ideas, and interact with individuals in the everyday world is the foundation of social psychology. The purpose of the field identifies the relationship of one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions towards another individual. Many topics arise within the field of social psychology that brings excesses behaviors and emotional reactions among effected individuals. Discussing the disasters experiences and preparedness as a main topic with relevant articles and theories will help discover the importance of applied social psychology. Disaster Preparedness is the way one will act and prepare for an upcoming disaster in the local area. A disaster consists of any sudden storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, etc. that brings outrageous damage or loss to one’s self and/ or their belongings. Discovering ways to reduce harm to one’s self and others, eliminating death rates, and making the right decision is the most important aspects of a disaster. Appling social psychology to the issue will give one the ability to acknowledge others behaviors and feelings towards the proper procedures within different disasters that take place within a surrounding area.
Within social psychology, theories such as cognitive dissonance, self-awareness, and social influence will be applied to…

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