The Social Problem Of Child Poverty Essay

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According to Gandhi “There’s enough on this planet for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed” (Sachs, 2011). Which illustrates to everyone have enough resources to everything but some people’s desire cause poverty in the world. The business proposal focussed on poverty especially child poverty in New Zealand. The social problem would be children’s educations are affected by poverty. The report and proposal will have focused on introducing child poverty in New Zealand, how capitalism caused child poverty, business concept to solve child poverty in South Auckland and selecting three aspects of PESTLE analysis to identify issue that may arise and impact when setting up the business. The three aspects of external environments are Natural Environment, Legal and Social trend in Technology.
Social Issue
In New Zealand the child poverty needs to be critically examine because it’s a major concern in our society. The child poverty defined when a child living in household income (accommodate to the size and make-up of the household) is less than 60% of the New Zealand average income (Collins, 2015). According to Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) in New Zealand children are in need for basic need such as health, housing, education, employment and access to services (OCC, 2014). The report that were published by Office of the Children’s Commissioner in 2012 shows there are about 25 percent of children’s are living under poverty which is about 270,000 children (OCC,…

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